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perl.com: Using Ajax from Perl

Read Using Ajax from Perl by Dominic Mitchell

If you’re even remotely connected to web development, you can’t have failed to have heard of Ajax at some point in the last year. It probably sounded like the latest buzzword and was one of those things you stuck on the ‘must read up on later’ pile. While it’s definitely a buzzword, it’s also quite a useful one.

Found this very useful article on perl.com. I’ve recently added some asynchronous JavaScript calls to my Perl code. The feedback from users has been positive.

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LAMP Web development

Red Hat article promoting LAMP Web development. The “P” in the LAMP is one of either Perl, PHP, or Python. I cut my teeth on web development with Perl 5 back in 1997 and stuck with Perl for most of my consulting career after that. I tried to switch to Python but decided that I…

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