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Programming Languages

During an email exchange with a friend about the dead programming languages, I did a Google search for “hundreds of frameworks and languages” and got an unexpected result; a link to this list of computer programing language. I like Bradley’s breakdown of the list into categories. Looking at that list, I felt a bit of…

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Old Code

Usage ftp.pl [-netrc] [-u <i>user</i>] [-p <i>passwd</i>] -m server -s source_dir -t target_dir [-log_dir <i>/path/to/logs/file</i>] file1 file2 … # Copyright 2000 Williams Interactive, Inc. # Programmer: Khurt Williams, 2000.10.18 # command switches are # -netrc : uses .netrc file to find user/passwd for the destination server # -u <i>user</i> : specify the user id #…


Why Are Coders Angry?

This is an excerpt from a much longer article, by writer and programmer Paul Ford, called What is Code. This part caught my attention. It sometimes appears that everyone in coding has a beef. You can feel it coming off the Web pages. There are a lot of defensive postscripts added in response to outrage.…

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