Getting up to speed

Another year and another chance to try some new things. In the last few years I have been toying around with AJAX and even built a few small scale applications using this. I tried a few different toolkits, some commercial and some opensource, before settling on Sajax. It is not as feature laden as others (Dojo and Backbase) but for my needs it gets the job done.

However, AJAX was last years new development buzz for me to try. This year it will be XForms. Why? Well...why not? I want to learn more about it and how it is used. I am finding that quite a challenge. I have googled all sorts of blogs and read the W3Schools tutorials and I am fear I am a long winding road to a distant land. Plus, the distractions of actually doing work are slowing me down even though it is exactly this work for which I wish to use XForms.

iTunes and bridge design

I love reading Joel Spolsky's blog, Joel on Software.  He has a way of writing and presenting an idea or concept that makes me think more deeply about the topic.  His most recent post regarding the difference of design between two bridges was used to illustrate how elegance of design in software in just as important as utility.

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Joel on Software

Joel on Software

"How do you decide between C#, Java, PHP, and Python? The only real difference is which one you know better. If you have a serious Java guru on your team who has build several large systems successfully with Java, youre going to be a hell of a lot more successful with Java than with C#, not because Java is a better language its not, but the differences are too minor to matter but because he knows it better." - Joel Spolsky