At Cafecreate Towers we rather like Apple, well apart from our PC loving web developer, but we heard he killed a dog with his bare hands so you can’t trust his judgement anyway. However, I digress; so we’ve done Apple a lovely advert so they can apologise to Samsung in true Apple style, and hopefully fan the flames in the process. Fight!Cafecreate

Yeah, Two Years and the iPad is Still Pretty Much A Consumption Device (The Small Wave.)

I believe a person’s PC is pretty much defined by the apps they utilise beyond the ones that come on it. Two years after the iPad’s debut it’s in that same position. A 16GB WiFI iPad with standard apps is as much “PC” as many people need. A “power user” gets more storage, possibly adds cellular and the Camera Connection Kit, and goes beyond the default apps to add software such as Writing Kit, GarageBand, iWork, Dropbox, Photogene, iThoughtsHD, etc. to meet their personal needs and interests.

I firmly believe Steve Jobs was right that devices like the iPad becoming the goto device for most people.


Source: On iPads and Personal Computers: A Post-PC Retrospective

There's been a debate lately as to whether the iPad can fit into the so-called PC category. Following the release of several estimates and market research studies showing much different results wh...

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