Tag: Outer Banks

Sunset at Clarks Bay

Clarks Bay, Kinnakeet, North Carolina | Wednesday 2 September, 2015 | Nikon D5100 | Tokina 12-24 mm f/4 | f/22 | ISO 100

I wanted to capture one of the spectacular OBX sunsets that I had heard so much about. But this was a family vacation, and my wife insisted that I be home for the extended family dinners we had planned. Based on my estimates, there wasn't time to eat dinner and still make it somewhere to…

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Beach Self Me

Self portrait, Salvo, North Carolina | Tuesday 1 September, 2015 | Nikon D5100 | 12-24 mm f/4 | f/4.0 | ISO 100

I seldom make photographs of my self. My daughter, Kiran thinks I take dorky selfies. I most likely do. I'm not sure why I chose to do a selfie. The thought just happened upon me. It took several tries to get the timing right on the timer. I set the camera to 10s, but the…

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