Really Orange

I bought a Vitamix a few weeks ago. I bought it in the hope that I would improve my health by eating (or drinking) meals with more nutrients. I won’t know until my next blood test whether my health has improved — my total cholesterol was 262 — but I certainly hope it has. I’ve added 30 minutes quick walks to my daily routine and I drink a smoothie (or fruit blend) each and every morning. I don’t want to use the Lipitor my endocrinologist prescribed.


  • 140 grams orange
  • 146 grams mango
  • 86 grams carrots
  • 183 grams ice


  • Peel the mango, carrots and oranges and add to blender (Vitamix).

  • Add ice and blend ingredients on high for 45 seconds.

(Serves 1)