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Wishing Apple Into the Enterprise Won’t Get It There

When IT managers call Macs and maybe even iPhones “toys,” they don’t literally mean a child’s toy. They mean that those Apple products are the calling cards of the alienated, arrogant, combative and selfish employees who don’t consider the big picture. (Toys are played with by children.) (Via -Mac News: Enterprise Systems: Wishing Apple Into…

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openSUSE News Goes Live

I do not use openSUSE but it is nice to see another community develop around a commercial distro. I stuck with Red Hat because it’s what employers wanted on the resume and the Fedora Core community helped develop my skills. News.openSUSE.org Goes Live Comments on the news articles is open for everybody, just for contributing…

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iPod virus

Kaspersky Lab reports first iPod virus, sort of | News.blog | CNET News.com Kaspersky states that the virus will only work if Linux has been installed on an iPod. Also, the user has to load the virus onto the iPod, Kaspersky said. “Podloso cannot be launched automatically without user involvement,” the company said. I also…

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