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kung fu grippe: Entitled to Care

http://www.kungfugrippe.com/post/439434786/entitled-to-care Marco.org – News flash … Straw man, Marco. It’s not a question of entitlement. It’s a question of clear vision about the inevitability of painful, weird change, and whether we can each find the courage to face it without folding. If anyone’s acting “entitled” right now, it’s the many…

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not every existing Android phone will be upgradeable to Android 2.0 because individual device updates depend on phone makers and carriers, not Google Android 2.0: Five reasons why it’s huge – Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & Updates | Geek.com

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MacWorld 2009 Keynote News

The weeks and days leading up to MacWorld ’09 were full of speculation about new Apple product and Steve Jobs health. There were rumors of new Mac MacBooks, a revamped Mac mini, and Apple TV. The fact the Phill Schiller would be leading the keynote at MacWorld fueled the rumors that Steve was dying. Of…

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