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I’d love to hear more about your editing regiment. Also how/where do you get your film processed/scanned.

I have, for the last few months, sent my film to The Darkroom for developing and scanning. Perhaps it was COVID isolation but, despite the proximity, I had not been to downtown Princeton for several months and had forgotten that we still had a camera shop, which is odd, because I bought an M42 lens there last year. COVID fog? ?????

In any case, I called the shop (New York Camera), and they offer full film services. I’ll spend my money locally from now on. I also bought an Epson V600 film/print scanner to help my wife’s family archive old family photos. We’re at the age when elders are dying, and we want to preserve some history for our children. I want to scan some of the negatives myself and compare to the professional scans.

My film edits are minor, usually involving perspective correction. Unless I use a tripod, I tend to lean. I may also do some lift shadows/highlights as needed. For digital, I tend to play with the sliders in Lightroom, shifting shadows, mid-tones, and highlights more because digital is more forgiving.

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