NetNewsWire is Back!

NetNewsWire, the app that in 2006, was the only RSS reader on my Mac is back. Back then, for me, NetNewsWire was always installed on every Mac I configured. I’ve used the betas and alphas for many months, and although I will continue to use Reeder for the future, I am excited and hopeful for…

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NetNewsWire for the New Web

inessential: New World NetNewsWire by Brent Simmons (

This means that NetNewsWire does not have to be designed as if it’s anybody’s only source of news. And it doesn’t have to be designed to please the maximum number of people.


My thinking, instead, is to make it fit into an ecosystem: it’s just one of a number of sources, and not even the only RSS reader.


This allows me to design more carefully. NetNewsWire used to be quite over-featured, and now I have the luxury of being able to make a leaner NetNewsWire.


I can say no to things that I would have said yes to — I can make it the app I want it to be, an app that hopefully lots of people love using, but that isn’t trying overly hard to be everybody’s friend.


It’s okay, in other words, to remember that there are other RSS readers, and it’s totally a-okay when somebody likes another one more.


In other words, NetNewsWire of the future will be more me than any previous versions were.

I stopped using NetNewsWire several years ago but I have a nostalgic soft spot for one of the first RSS readers I installed on my Mac. It seems Chris has made a decision. NetNewsWire will not go quietly into the night. It will reborn as something new perhaps based on the re-imagining of something old.…

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Review: Reeder for iPad

I'm a tech news junkie.  I want to know what's going all the time.  One of the first apps I installed on my iPad was NetNewsWire.  That is my favourite RSS reader for my Mac and it made sense to use it on the iPad.  NetNewsWire syncs my feeds across multiple computers via Google Reader.…

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