Into the woods: 2012 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

I went for a walk in Mercer County Park today. I wasn’t alone. I walked with a small group of local photographers — amateurs and pros. We were participating in the 5th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. Our walk leader was Alina Bilach a well known and respected local photographer.

I attend these photos walks because I love meeting and chatting with other photographers. The social aspect of photography is important to me. I talked to an elderly woman who told me about her son and grandchildren and shooting with wide format film cameras. I talked to a woman who had bought a new camera and needed some help learning to use it. Later at Brother’s Pizza, we found out we both had Type 1 diabetes. I think she is the only adult with Type 1 that I know in the area.

May 25th, 2011 - Perspective is important

It’s interesting how our perspective, our point of view, changes our understanding of things. In this case, 5 feet changes the view from a spot of green fuzz near my toes to a grassy knoll. Did the truth of what is really there change? No, this patch is still just common moss. But get down near the ground, lie out on the grass, and things look a lot different.

Life can be like that sometimes. I pass a colleague in the hallway expecting a good morning. I smile and say hi, but they walk on by. They don’t smile back at me. “What’s up with him? Why was he so rude?” Talk it over with another colleague who suggests the other colleague didn’t hear you. You think it over and suddenly remember a little detail. He was wearing earphones when he walked by. He couldn’t hear you over the music. Perspective.

March 5, 2011 - Regigigas and Heatran

My son is a Pokémon fanatic. Ask him anything about any Pokémon and he can tell you everything you want to know; in exacting detail.

We went out for a walk together and I asked him to bring along some of his Pokémon figurines. I knew that some of the trees had moss growing beneath them and I wanted to experiment with shooting miniature scenes. While walking around we discovered some moss growing on a large boulder. The composition is my son's.  He carefully arranged the figurines in a way he found most natural for Pokémon.

This capture is one RAW image bumped ±1EV in Adobe Lightroom 3 and processed in Photomatix Pro with the Painterly filter.