One button or Two?

"The one-button mouse: its legacy has haunted Apple in many ways since the first two-button mouse hit the market. Apple was constantly seen as behind the times; even the introduction of the Mighty Mouse and its wireless successor did little to salve this open wound. Even though the Apple faithful knew that two-button mouse support had been in the OS since System 8 or so, critics regularly hit Apple at its "simplistic" one button mouse." - via MacUser

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Macworld: Review: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

I ordered mine last week after selling my Wireless Mouse and Wired Mighty Mouse on eBay.

Macworld: Review: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Less than a year after releasing the original Mighty Mouse (3.5 mice; October 2005), Apple has improved its powerful input device by replacing its USB cord with a wireless Bluetooth connection and upgrading its eyesight with a precision laser-tracking engine that works on almost any surface. The result is an innovative mouse that’s a near-perfect partner for portables, as well as a convenient desktop mouse.

The wireless Mighty Mouse is powered by either one or two AA alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable batteries that are inserted into the belly of the beast (two non-rechargeable lithium batteries are provided). Apple touts the ability to use a single battery as a benefit for portable users wishing to lighten their loads, but the weight difference of the second battery is negligible. Besides, since the Mighty Mouse doesn’t have a docking station for recharging, prudence dictates carrying around a backup set of batteries.

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