Mastodon: Now I've Got Two Problems by Gabe Weatherhead (macdrifter.com)

In what can only be called a "double turns-out", Mastodon instances can be changed in ways to not be part of the federated group. So, I guess centralized might be the only way to have a unified communication channel. Within two days I've moved from one Mastodon instance to another. I've noticed that this is somewhat common.

I did not have an easy experience on Mastodon. I am happy I did not invest too much energy into it. Is Twitter so bad that people are willing to put up with such a poor user experience on Mastodon?

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A Critique of Mastadon

A Critique of Mastadon by Jonathan Zdziarski (zdziarski.com)

Nobody wants to put up with a decentralized social media server unless you’re some Stallman-era glutton for punishment. Some servers are clearly run from someone’s basement and the modem grade bandwidth and frequent reboots show it. People don’t want to go to a different website just to sign up either. Users expect a unified experience. Give them one. Get funding. Build infrastructure or a cloud. Make it a single, centrally managed system that invites the creation of small managed communities. Decentralized social media is not cool. It wasn’t cool when we were having hourly net-splits on IRC, and its not cool now.

I gave up on Mastodon within a month of creating my account. I found it unusable.

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POSSE Integrations

Testing out some integrations for WordPress and Mastodon by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

There are a bunch of ways for using WordPress with Mastodon, so tonight I thought I’d start experimenting with some.
Straightforward syndication/POSSE plugins (requires an account on a Mastodon instance):
Mastodon Autopost
Mastodon Share
More advanced plugins (shouldn’t require an account a...

Testing out some additional POSSE integrations for WordPress.

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