Last weekend kicked of the annual Montgomery Friend of Open Space Farmer's Market. I got some cool new photos that I'll be sharing with your over the next few weeks during the summer. Back this year was the Farmer & The Chickpea with some delicious food and dessert items.

A little background:

All of our recipes have an Italian influence, as our background (and our hearts) are in Italy. We love nothing more then taking a traditional American Dish and putting a Mediterranean spin on it.

The main store is located on main street in Manville, NJ. I've never been to the store but based on the few items on sale at the farmers' market I'm sure it must be a treat. Next time I'm driving through Manville, I'll be sure to stop and spend some time in the store. If your time is limited you can always stop in at the farmers' market tomorrow and pick up a few of the delicious items for sale.


I bought one of the lentil cakes with maple roasted sweet potato and pumpkin for my wife for lunch but ended up eating most of it myself. It's ok to share but sometimes it's good to keep things for oneself.

The lentil cake was delicious with a glass of Villa Milagro Rosita.



I have type 1 diabetes but these bread puddings look so delicious. I'll have to find how to eat just a small piece that works with my diabetic diet.

rice pudding, sweet potato, fig

rice pudding, blackberry, orange cream

?The goal is to always be shooting whether you’re doing paid jobs or not. Developing your eye, and capabilities only comes from doing it constantly. On top of that, it fills that creative desire that you may not always get by shooting the paid jobs. Eventually the two will converge if you market what you love to shoot and people hire you for that.?Nick Onken

Via Jorge Quinteros


The Trenton Farmers Market is just across the street from the movie-theatre-converted-to-office-building where I work. On Friday, it's become customary for me to go over to the market for lunch at Button's Creperie. Sometimes I pickup up a bottle of wine from Unionville Vineyard or Terhune Orchards. Almost always I will get a bag or two of apple cider donuts from the friend young woman at Terhune Orchards.

This thursday the kids were off for spring break. Bhavna thought it would be great for them to see where I work. We planned to meet at the Trenton Farmers Market for lunch. Shaan and Kiran had chicken fingers and fries from King Foods in the food court. Bhavana and I had a crepe from Button's. I had the peanut butter, granola and banana crepe. Delicious.


After lunch we walked around the market. The kids bought some gummy candies from The Amish Country Store. Bhavna and I looked at the flowers and herbs.