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Macworld: Review: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

I ordered mine last week after selling my Wireless Mouse and Wired Mighty Mouse on eBay.Macworld: Review: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse Less than a year after releasing the original Mighty Mouse (3.5 mice; October 2005), Apple has improved its powerful input device by replacing its USB cord with a wireless Bluetooth connection and upgrading its…

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Office 2.0 – Desktop

My employer has decided to initiate a work from home program starting in October of this year. I am very excited as this is something I have wanted for years. Back in 1998 when I started working as a consultant developing web sites I had thought for sure I would be working from home most…

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Homing software

It seems more and more software vendors are implanting “spyware” code in their software. Microsoft does it with Windows Genuine Advantage and now Apple has joined the list; first with the iTunes ministore and now with the widget updater. Macworld: News: Mac OS X “phones home” with 10.4.7 update Mac users got a taste of…

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