mac mini intel

mac mini intel, originally uploaded by tachikoma on 16th December, 2006.

My Mac mini was my first Mac. It got me excited about the Mac and OS X. When I bought my second Mac ( a MacBook ), the Mac mini was turned in a media server. I attached it to my Sony HDTV, attached an external drive, and my wife ripped most of our music collection. We have been using it to rent movies from iTunes ( it has an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ) for the kids and as a sync station for our three iPods.

But recently the slowness of the G4 PowerPC CPU has got me thinking that perhaps the mini is over worked. I have been thinking that it's time to either replace it with a newer Intel based Mac mini ( a Core 2 Duo ) or get an Apple TV. Either way, I would have a machine more capable of handling video ( both iTunes and stuff imported via our new Sony HD camcorder ) and a way to control media without the user of a keyboard.