Isolation Photo Project : Day 158

I considered quitting the Isolation Photo Project last week, but I’ve enjoyed the daily posting. I want to continue posting daily but don’t like all my posts with this title. I’m uncertain how I’ll change things, but I hope to end this project this Sunday.

Of course, I’m still physically isolating, and we’re no longer shut-ins like we were from early March to early July. Our weekly socially-distanced-face-mask-wearing outdoor dinners at the Brick Farm Tavern, Flounder Brewing’s beer garden and yesterday’s trip to Avalon Beach are less anxious affairs for me. My comfort with dining at a restaurant is based on how keenly the waitstaff and customers adhere to the “rules”.

This morning, I explored the light falling through the leaves against the fence.

Submitted for the 100DaysToOffload project.