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DSC_0138, originally uploaded by LinkedIn Blog.

I think that it is very freeing to work in an office space I can be fully expressed in.  To me it seems on that corporations on the East coast are too focused on making money and not having fun while doing it. These people at LinkedIn seems to be living a work life they love. See the full Flickr set here.


The dangers of an online only life

Dave Rosenberg writes in his InfoWorld blog about the downsides of an online only office life.  I too am experiencing something similar.  I cancelled my Verizon DSL on the same day I ordered broadband service from my cable provide, Patriot Media.  Verizon assured me that the DSL would be disconnected in 3-5 business days so I felt comfortable waiting a week for the cable guy.  Well, the day after cancelling Verizon DSL my DSL line was dead and two days later I am feeling the difficulties of an online life.

I have not checked my Google email or calendar in two days and I feel lost.

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