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Fujifilm X100F or Leica Q? Which provides more value?

RR Looking | FujiFilm X100F | 23 mm | f/3.2 | ISO 3200
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Leica’s recently-released Q2 has been making waves. It looks like a pretty nifty full-frame compact camera. But, retailing at over £4,000, is it too expensive? We thought we’d take another look at the original 2015 Leica Q. It’s available used for around half the price of the Q2, so it could be a wise purchase.

Back in the old days of photography, when film technology advanced as quickly as a snail crossing a road, I think Leica camera would have been a good value for those who could afford the upfront cost. Let me define my terms. value: a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something…

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