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Kodachrome II Film Simulation Recipe

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Classic K14 Adobe Lightroom Preset compared with Kodachrome II Film Simulation Recipe

The real Kodachrome film is dead but lives on as Fujifilm X camera film simulation recipes or as Adobe Lightroom Classic presets. Ritchie Roesch has done a fine job of creating Film Simulation Recipes for Fujifilm cameras. Two of my favourites are his Kodachrome 64, Vintage Kodachrome, and Kodachrome II recipes for the Fujifilm X-Trans III or IV sensor cameras. These recipes create excellent straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) JPEG images, which I often use for social media. I recommend clicking the links…

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Fujifilm Film Simulation Challenge Roll 1: Kodachrome II

Ritchie Roesch recently announced his Film Simulation Challenge, which requires that the photographer load her camera with one film simulation recipe, capturing either 24 or 36 frames before changing settings. The photographer is forced to shoot with that one "roll" of the film until that roll is completely exposed. Ritchie's post from today reminded me that I had not yet submitted an entry. For the challenge, I used a Fujifilm Kodachrome II Film Simulation Recipe. While I typically post-process my…

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Fujifilm X Kodacolor and Kodachrome II Film Simulation Recipes Compared

After taking a look at Ritchie's recent Kodacolor Film Simulation recipe, I decided to capture a few images with the new recipe to compare to Kodachrome II, one of his other film simulation recipes that I use quite often. It seems that Ritchie had the idea before me because he wrote a post comparing his various film simulation recipes . I used Fujifilm's X RAW Studio software to process the images in my X-T2. The images of the Rocky Hill…

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