Local network services for IoT devices

Local network services for IoT devices could be a game changer by Johannes Ernst

The next question then becomes: just what local network services? What’s the architecture going to look like so we can grow a big industry ecosystem around it, all without screwing the users? I don’t think anybody has all the answers yet, but this is going in the right direction! I will have some more thoughts in a future post.

Sounds great. Currently, poor security is the bane of IoT devices. I would suggest the industry put all effort into efforts to improved security and privacy features of their products. Security is the number one reason I am reluctant to have internet accessible devices in my home.

Does restricting IoT traffic to the local network mean we lose the ability to leverage the analytics or the analytics become too simplistic to be useful? Will the majority of consumers, the mass market of consumers who we need to make any product category viable, want or need to have a mini data centre in the home to manage all of this? I don't know.

Why decentralized social networking never makes it — ever heard of Crossing the Chasm?

Why decentralized social networking never makes it — ever heard of Crossing the Chasm? by Remove term: Johannes Ernst Johannes Ernst

Every now and then, the “why hasn’t decentralized social networking succeeded” discussion pops back up. And inevitably, that motivates somebody who thinks they can do better. They proceed to design a new set of decentralized networking protocols, write lots of code, and get early adopters to enthusiastically adopt the New Thing. Which then, inevitably, never grows beyond a certain size.


Rinse and repeat.


How many times has that now happened? And keeps happening?


Has anybody considered that perhaps the protocols weren’t the problem? Or whether the code was written in one language or another, or did or didn’t use HTML5 or other cool new tech?


The problem — and it is the same problem that is never being addressed — is that your decentralized social networking app doesn’t actually solve any of your users problems that haven’t already been solved! And often fails to solve problems that the centralized guys have solved and that their users depend on.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if anyone on micro.blog reads and responds to this.