Last Spring, Lorde Tweeted the photo above and wrote, "i find this curious - two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remembervia Why I'll Photoshop Your Face and Why I Believe It's Okay

We overlook imperfections all the time in real life, but without the emotional connection of having that person before us, we are more likely to notice imperfections because we are then studying not a person but a thing, not a real life scene but an abstraction of one. <cite>Frank Multari</cite>

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Brian Krebs announced this week that Goodwill Industries’ third-party payment vendor, C&K Systems, Inc., has been blamed for credit card and debit card breaches at more than 330 Goodwill Industries locations nationwide. According to Krebs, C&K commented on the breach by saying “the intrusion lasted more than 18 months and also impacted at least two …… Read Morevia Goodwill Payment Vendor Breached for 18 months Undetected – Are You Surprised? - The State of Security

In an era when third-party vendors such as C&K Systems can go 18 months without detecting a break-in, it’s reasonable to assume that the problem is much worse than it seems.”

It's negligent.

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