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Watching TiVo on an iPod Touch

I'm finally getting around to working on something I've wanted to do for sometime. Last year my kids and I got hooked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Every Sunday morning we would sit on the sofa and watch it on the TiVo. It was our way to reconnect and watch something we enjoy together. This year, The Clone Wars is on at a time that conflicts with another show that my wife and I enjoy. We decided that we…

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Rethinking MobileMe and iPod Touch as ultra-portable

I find that I use my iPod Touch as a music/video player only incidentally. With the wireless option and the app store my iPod Touch is more of a PDA/game machine. I carry it around the house and now use my laptop for other things ( editing photos and video, etc. ). At work, we now have a wireless guest network setup ( separate from the corporate LAN ) and when I am near a conference room or sitting neat…

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