Watching TiVo on an iPod Touch

I’m finally getting around to working on something I’ve wanted to do for sometime. Last year my kids and I got hooked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Every Sunday morning we would sit on the sofa and watch it on the TiVo. It was our way to reconnect and watch something we enjoy together.…


Simply put, the iPhone is the first truly ‘personal’ computer; more personal to its owners than the PC ever was. Talk to iPhone owners (not to mention, the 20M iPod Touch owners), and this truth bubbles to the top again and again. iPhone, the ‘Personal’ Computer – Future of the Mobile Web – O’Reilly Broadcast

Bluetooth on iPod Touch 2G

After upgrading (the iTunes servers were jammed so I did it after midnight) I noticed a small Bluetooth icon in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. So I went straight into Settings->General and … what do you know, Bluetooth.