Birds flying over a pier against a cloudy sky

It was cold this morning while I waited for the ferry to Pier 11. It was even colder waiting for the ferry to take me back to Paulus Hook. But still, I was happy the day was over and that I would soon be home with my family for dinner.

The day had started badly. First, I got stuck in a very bad rush hour traffic. I arrived at the parking lot, parked and realised that I had not used the NY Waterway Ferry app in so long that I had to register a new credit card. The ferry was 45 minutes late and I felt the full effect of the cold wind blowing across the Hudson.

Many years ago, my elementary school child, Shaan, came home from school with a small sapling wrapped in newspaper. For Earth Day he had learned about trees and the environment and native plants. He wanted to plant the sapling to help the environment. So we found a spot in the backyard and planted his sapling. At first, we planted it near the fence but Shaan felt that the landscapers would kill the sapling with the lawnmowers. We planted the sapling, which I later learned was sassafras, near the deck under his bedroom window. My child is now a college Junior and the sapling is now a tree that never seems to stop growing.