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I'm An Outgoing Introvert by Greg Morris (

I have no issue with sharing myself and my life in person or online. I have a job in sales, I podcast all the time, yet there is something you may not know about me - I am actually really introverted. Much much less than I used to be, but...

The Danger Of Listening To People Who Talk A Lot

The Danger Of Listening To People Who Talk A Lot by Paul Taylor (Paul Taylor)

Between a third and a half of the population of the world define themselves as introverts. They have more activity in the part of the brain involved in internal processing: problem-solving, remembering and planning. Introverts get energy from an “inner world” of thoughts, ideas, reflections and memories.

Think about that. Pretty much half the people you come across today:

  • Don’t thrive on endless meetings
  • Don’t want to solve a problem by talking about it for hours
  • Don’t enjoy brainstorming
  • Don’t want to attend away-days and conferences all the time.

Sunday Paper - Introvert, America

Does introversion affect how others view you in the workplace?

In the workplace.

Although more people are learning what being an introvert means, there are still several misconceptions about introverts in the workplace. Even some of the most well-meaning extroverts I know still have trouble understanding what being an introvert really means. WE REALLY NEED TO END THE STIGMA ABOUT INTROVERSION IN THE WORKPLACE by Megan Malone writing for Introvert Dear

Using the phone.

Non-verbal communication (aka body language) is remarkably important to conversation. Introverts rely heavily on observation skills and being unable to see our conversation partner is extremely frustrating. We can’t examine their facial expressions to discern their true feelings or anticipate when they’re about to speak so we can avoid interrupting. Many introverts already consider social interaction to be uncomfortable at best; removing helpful visual cues just ends up making things so much worse.

My personal tip: be in the right spot, at the right moment, under the right conditions for a rainbow.

Few natural phenomenon can cheer people up faster than the beauty of a rainbow. Getting great images of one is a challenge, they are difficult to predict and constantly changing, occurring due to a specific set of conditions. These tips will help you photograph rainbows when they appear, and get great results when processing.How to Capture Fantastic Photos of Rainbows by Photofocus

The Windows vs Mac logic on Android OS vs iOS security.

Plus, he says, the process of “patching” security holes is easier on iOS devices. Apple’s iOS operating system only runs on iPhones, while Alphabet’s Android software runs on phones made by numerous manufacturers. It’s more complicated to deliver patches, or bug fixes, that work across so many device makers and carriers. Android can release a patch, but it won’t necessarily be available on all devices right away.Android vs. iOS: Are iPhones Really Safer? by Emily Barry in Barron's

Writing for the BBC, David Frum reaches a bleak conclusion.

America is no longer the leader its partners once respected "but an unpredictable and dangerous force in world affairs, itself to be contained and deterred by new coalitions of ex-friends".Is Trump abandoning US global leadership?