insurance company wants to track your fitness data

A life insurance company wants to track your fitness data by Cheryl Wischhover

As Kate Crawford, founder of the AI Now Institute and a researcher who studies machine learning and artificial intelligence, pointed out on Twitter upon hearing this John Hancock news: “We saw this coming, and here it is. Endless trapdoors ahead: data inaccuracies, intentional gaming, constant intimate surveillance 247, data breaches that will be infinitely worse.”

I don’t think I would trust any employer or insurance company with this kind of personal information. They are not worthy of trust.

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The real crooks here aren't the insurance companies, but the manufacturers of this technology -- no one is denying them the chance to earn a profit, but they don't have to rape, pillage and plunder in the process!

(Via Comments - Why Insurance Companies Deny CGM Devices? - Tu Diabetes - A Community for People Touched by Diabetes-I certainly empathize with ....)