Beneficial insect

I know what the flower is but what is this insect?

I don't remember when I planted the Heart-leaved Aster in the planter on the balcony, but this fall, I have been rewarded with a beautiful display of little white flowers with a pink centre. The flowers attract insects, providing me with plenty of macro photography opportunities (and an exercise in patience). This is the best of 25 images.; 23 were deleted.

I know what the flower is, but what is this insect?

Euderus set

New Crypt-Keeper Wasp Is Parasite That Bursts From Host's Head (National Geographic News)

Scientists have discovered a new parasitic wasp species with a life cycle so diabolical, they named it after Set, the Egyptian god of evil and chaos.

Meet Euderus set, otherwise known as the crypt-keeper wasp.

Native to the southeastern United States, this species lays its egg inside the tiny, wooden chambers that another parasitic wasp species, the gall wasp (Bassettia pallida), carves out in sand live oak trees. These knobby protuberances, known as galls, are sort of like tree cysts induced by the presence of the host wasp's young.

Once the egg hatches, the crypt-keeper larva burrows into the other wasp and takes over its mind, forcing it to start tunneling through the tree’s bark to freedom—a feat the crypt-keeper struggles to perform on its own. (Read more about mindsucking parasites in National Geographic magazine.)

Thus feels so … stranger than fiction.