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Get Google Talk, iChat, MSN, Yahoo and AOL all talking

Kiran, Terhune Orchards, Lawrenceville | Monday 2 January, 2006 | Sunplus Spca533

Update: This setup no longer works. Microsoft, Google et al. have abandoned these platforms. Read about the deprecated APIs on the Adium help page. I think most people have unfortunately moved to Twitter and other social media platforms. Like most technology people I know, I have multiple Instant Messenger (IM) accounts because not all the…

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Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft has bundled a lot of its online properties under the MSN banner.  Offerings include e-mail (Hotmail, Hotmail Plus and Outlook Live), IM and Blogging, Search, Internet Acess, Entertainment, and Mobile.Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 is an online version of Microsoft's bloated Outlook desktop email product.  Hotmail Plus offers more in-box space and larger attachments.Instant Messaging…

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