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Thinky Bits: Not Cloudy Enough

willhains:Williams Hains wrote about his experiences setting up his new iPhone 4S from an iCloud backup.I recently had to get my iPhone 4S replaced at the Genius Bar twice within the space of a week. That’s another story. But it meant that I had to go through the new iPhone set-up process a few times, something that normally I would only do once a year at most.He then writes about how he had to re-enter the account ID and password for all his apps and wonders why developers can’t just store and restore his credentials in iCloud. Could it be that app developers with ID-and-password cloud services just haven’t thought of this? Or is it that the APIs for iCloud are just too hard to use? Or perhaps, because this only happens to people once a year or less on average, developers don’t see it as a big problem?No. Not a good idea. The thought of an app like Instapaper, and Flipboard and Instagr.am etc all storing my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr userid and password iCloud

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