Happy Birthday Bhavana!

Bhavana is 47 years old today but she really looks 37. She also celebrated the ancient Hindu spring festival of Holi today. The Holi celebration we attended was part of a set of activities planned by the Sri Krishna Nidhi Foundation. Technically, Holi was April 11th, but in this part of the world, the first few weeks of April still felt like winter so the foundation is celebrating with the warmer weather. I can only assume that in India, spring started much sooner since Holi is an outdoor festival.

The word bhavana normally appears in conjunction with another word forming a compound phrase such as citta-bhavana (the development or cultivation of the heart/mind) or metta-bhavana (the development/cultivation of loving-kindness). In my wife's case, she's a metta-Bhavana. She showers our home with love and kindness that is as palpable as a snug hug. Holi is a festival about love and life and happiness so it seemed fitting that we celebrated her birthday on the same day.

Bhavana and Shaan had a blast. For Shaan, this was his first time celebrating Holi. It's something he has wanted to do for a while. I'm not sure if Bhavana has celebrated Holi before but she was happy. I think splashing vibrant colour one everyone is a great way to celebrate Bhavana's birthday. Happy birthday, honey.