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Teachers as bodyguards

I’m a teacher. When parents told me I should carry a gun, I felt sick. by De Elizabeth (Vox) I applaud those people who responded coolly to the most horrifying situations imaginable and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their students, but at the same time, such superhuman bravery simply cannot be a routine expectation of educators. And yet it feels as though today it’s sneaked into the job description — an awful addendum in invisible ink. ... Don’t get…

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Friday Night Lights at Montgomery High School

There is a best-selling book, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, about this uniquely American pastime that occurs in many towns and communities. There is also a movie ,Friday Night Lights, based on the book, and an NBC television show based on the movie. H.G. Bissinger must be getting some fat royalty cheques. A few weeks ago I attend one of the Montgomery High School football "Friday Night" lights games. I don't remember who the opposing…

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