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Breakfast is commonly referred to as the the most crucial meal of the day. There is no scientific basis for that statement, but some research indicates that having breakfast may lower the risk of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Some kind of breakfast is better than no breakfast. Growing up in the British West Indies, visiting my grandmother in the Grenadines meant a breakfast of fresh oven-baked bread or fried “cou-cou”, a fried “sprat”, and a large enamel mug of…

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How to Make Overnight Oatmeal in a Mason Jar

I love the Chobani Mighty Oat line of breakfast yogurts. I find them nutritious and delicious and very easy to eat. I started to eat them every day. Ironically, it was while searching for alternatives to Chobani Oats that I stumbled upon “overnight oatmeal”[^1]. On that website, I found a recipe Chobani oatmeal that led me to do some research on making my yoghurt oatmeal. I used Google search terms “yoghurt oats” and got a page full of search results…

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