Apple Watch data and Health Insurance.

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What if the only way to lower your health premium to an affordable rate was to allow your health insurer access to your Apple Watch data?

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I don't think this would provide any benefit to me. I have Type 1 diabetes. It's a chronic progressive illness. Food and insulin are one of the over two-dozen variables that affect blood glucose control. The majority of these variables not under my control. Insulin dosing is an art. Even if I eat the same thing for every meal, I will get a different blood glucose reading throughout the day, and it would also be different each day.

Given that the Apple Watch is not a medical device capable of accurately measuring blood glucose and operating an insulin pump, wearing.

insurance company wants to track your fitness data

A life insurance company wants to track your fitness data by Cheryl Wischhover

As Kate Crawford, founder of the AI Now Institute and a researcher who studies machine learning and artificial intelligence, pointed out on Twitter upon hearing this John Hancock news: “We saw this coming, and here it is. Endless trapdoors ahead: data inaccuracies, intentional gaming, constant intimate surveillance 247, data breaches that will be infinitely worse.”

I don’t think I would trust any employer or insurance company with this kind of personal information. They are not worthy of trust.