I am frustrated by tech press and their self-inflicted blinders that only let them see the “feeds and speeds”. I am sick to death about hearing about the latest, greatest Android or Nokia phones and its octo-core Z-boost 3.6 GHz processor with wireless-P draft spec, 2 USB ports, HDMI, PS/2 and Centronics parallel port and how this one… THIS ONE… will be the one that outsells all others. 6 months later, nobody can remember the name of that device and it didn’t even put a scratch in the market.

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iPod Touch Remote Control

I don't have an Apple TV or iPhone but I discovered that I could do this from my iPod Touch to control iTunes on my G4 Mac mini (which is connected via HDMI to my HD TV). I use it to watch TV shows ( Avatar: The Last Airbender ) from my couch.

Any time you need to type on Apple TV, if you have the Remote app open on your iPhone, the keyboard will appear and you can just type on your iPhone instead.

(Via -Daring Fireball: Distant and Remote.)