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Fujifilm Film Simulation Challenge Roll 2: Velvia

Ritchie Roesch recently announced his Film Simulation Challenge, which requires that the photographer load her camera with one film simulation recipe, capturing either 24 or 36 frames before changing settings. The photographer is forced to shoot with that one “roll” of the film until that roll is completely exposed. Ritchie’s post from today reminded me…

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Skillman winter landscape

I was stuck inside on Monday and again today. My camera was itching to go out and capture the winter landscape around my town of Skillman. I didn’t go too far.   I drove along Cherry Valley Road under tree branches heavy with snow and ice. Ice-balls and snow fell onto the car as I…

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On the steps of the Sourlands

Bhavna and I were driving back from a walk through the new Rock Mill Preserve trail near Hollow Road in the Montgomery side of the Sourland Mountains. As we drove down the hill toward the Great Road, I noticed the way the colours of the trees in the mountains. I had to stop for a…

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