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The Graceful Flavor is back!

I've enjoyed Jeff's reasoned (and provocative) opinions on technology and politics in the past.  I'm happy he's back. Thanks to Andrés Segovia and a few other strangely loyal GF fans, I realized that I should start writing GF again. I personally want to think Andrés for being so persistent; had he not, I might be still arguing with people on Facebook instead of writing here. So, Andrés, thanks a ton, you magnificent pain in the ass. ~ Jeff Ventura…

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Faugh a Ballaugh!

War drums from Apple. « Graceful Flavor The PC war is being waged on so many fronts, which, believe it or not, behooves Apple more than Microsoft. Technology outstrips the average user’s ability to understand it, which, again, falls squarely into Apple’s wheelhouse. Pardon my dramatics, but if Apple’s field general makes the right decisions, we all we have a chance to witness a company with all the potential in the world — after many hitches and near-death experiences —…

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