GDPR and the IndieWeb

The Indieweb privacy challenge (Webmentions, silo backfeeds, and the GDPR) // Sebastian Greger by Sebastian Greger (sebastiangreger.net)

Given the considerations above, and the GDPR enforcement deadline three weeks away, I decided to at least temporarily remove the Twitter backfeed from my site, delete the personal data accrued in the database, and disable my Brid.gy account (shedding a little tear, as it truly is an ingenious concept and service). While I still believe that my pixelated and de-personalised presentation of the backfeed solved at least most of the ethical issues, I personally don’t want to jump through the hoops of drafting a privacy statement with a shaky argumentation about the lawfulness of storing all that data. At the same time, this releases me from the need to think about how to deal with individuals’ requests as they may execute their rights under the GDPR; it makes this site less social, though – a strong motivation to keep thinking about solutions!

Would love to know Chris's thoughts on this post by Sebastian Gregor. At first, I thought that Sebastian was misunderstanding the GDPR but as I read further I realized he had done considerably more research than I did. If his conclusions are correct we have a major problem. I don’t solicit comments from EU readers…

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GDPR and publishing

Publishers Haven't Realized Just How Big a Deal GDPR is (Baekdal)

The problem with GDPR is that most publishers see it as an IT/administrative burden. They think the only thing they need to do is set up some databases and do some other IT things ... and then redesign their privacy page.

What I'm not seeing, however, is any real change to the way publishers use data, the business models they have that rely on data, or any consideration as to what impact this will have on their editorial strategies.

The USA could create a law similar to GDPR; a law that would clearly state that residents and citizens have a right to determine how information about them is collected and used. Or we need infrastructure that would enable anyone to easily create and manage their own online presence but in a way that allows…

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