Tuesday Photo Challenge – New by jansenphotojansenphoto (Dutch goes the Photo!)

After a week filled with all things with an Age, this week will be all about things New! Whether it’s a newly hatched chick, a young lamb or a shiny new pair of shoes, your challenge is to take a fresh (new) look at what the creative juices in your brain lead you to! Let the ideas flow freely and celebrate the start of a new season (Summer or Winter, depending on your location) with your imagination!

The title of this post might suggest that is an entry for last week’s photo challenge. But it isn’t.

Last weekend, we celebrated Bhavna’s 50th birthday by bicycling and bar hopping through Philadelphia’s Old City. The we was me, Bhavna, her older sister, her younger sister, her brother, her three cousins, all their spouses, and Bhavna’s best friend. Fifteen of us did the Big Red Pedal Tour around Old City. It was an entirely new experience for all of us. We visited three new pubs, Irish Pub, McGillin’s Olde Ale House, and So Good where I tried three new ales. In between stops at the pub, we took turns pedalling on the bike. This was a new experience for my thighs and calves. Ow!

I also gained a new perspective on Philadelphia. I’ve only seen parts of this town and only in the early evening.

Front to Back and Left to Right — Mukesh, Sameer, Dipan, Ami, Mihir, Falguni, Khürt, Jeremy, Ami, Toral, Gina, Sonali, John (the driver), Nilima, Uday, Neha — FujiFilm X100F + 23 mmf/8.0 ISO 12800

I rented a Fuji X100F for this occasion. The Canon EOS 5D Mk III would have been too conspicuous and difficult to carry. Besides documenting out new experience I wanted to try some street photography, which is something entirely new for me. Most people mistake the Fuji X100F for a film camera. The design and the small lens and knobs, to my mind, are less intimidating than the large bodies and lenses of the traditional DSLR.

Empty — FujiFilm X100F + 23 mmf/5.6 ISO 12800 — CC BY-NC-SA

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Pets by Frank Jansen (Dutch goes the Photo!)
Enough warmth to melt snow!

Growing up in the West Indies we always had pets. We had dogs, cats, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, and turtles. We were a pet loving family. When my wife and I were first married I had several fish tanks with Discus and freshwater Angelfish. Both are from the South American Cichlidae family. I love Cichlids. I think they are among the most intelligent fish. The tanks — I had two — were set up with high volume biological filters and live plants. I lost both tanks — lingo for all the fish died — while on a weekend vacation. Despite my explicit instructions on overfeeding, the person I left to care for my tanks couldn’t resist. “They looked so hungry”. Sigh.

My daughter has had some recent traumatic experience with pets of her own so we were pet free until recently. Then we bought a fish. A Betta splendens that she has named, Electric Boogaloo. I think Boogie is good therapy for her. She fusses over him, making sure his water is clean, that he only eat what’s needed, and get the right amount of light.

It is challenging to take photos of a fish. Especially through the glass. The auto-focus worked against me.

Kiran’s fish, Electric Boogaloo—FujiFilm X100F

Montgomery Township, New Jersey, United States of America

camera, fuji
Setting up the Fujifilm X100F for Street Photography (Ian MacDonald Photography)
I’ve had a lot of requests over the last few weeks to describe the camera settings I use when I am out shooting on the street, so I thought I would take a few minutes to walk through how I set up the new Fuji X100F.

Montgomery Township, New Jersey, United States of America