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Early Bird on Race Street

Lambertville, Race Street, New Jerset, Hunterdon County

Bill Brokaw was the heart and soul of The Photographers Group. After two long years apart, it was remarkable for the Hunterdon County photographic community to come together to pay tribute to Bill at his studio in Frenchtown. I did not know Bill well. We met online during the pandemic when he reached out to the Princeton Photograph Club for participation in a Hunterdon Barns, Bridges and Buildings Photo Project for the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce. Jennifer Bubb Brown…

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Experience Reports Film Photography

Winter Morning Walk in Frenchtown

Last year, after reading Tobias Mann's review of Kodak Portra 800, I bought a roll to expose it as soon as possible. But I set aside the roll in a cool box and forgot about it until December. I had promised Bhavna a trip into Frenchtown to see how the shopkeepers and restauranteurs had decorated the downtown area. The sky was overcast, creating an excellent opportunity to expose a few frames of Kodak Professional Portra 800. Kodak Professional Portra 800…

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Memories of Dad

I woke up this morning thinking about Dad. I miss all those moments we spent listening to records. The inner sleeve is on the couch. I sit and read the jacket. Dad cleans the record surface and stylus while the pre-amp and tube amp warm up. The polished vinyl gently drops onto the platter. The turntable spins. The tonearm and phono cartridge gracefully move into place. No words were spoken. It was time to listen.…

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