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2011 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in the Sourland Mountain Preserve

I had an exhausting but fun walk through the Sourland Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough with a group of local photographers for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. Despite cloudy skies and the constant threat of rain, we had a good turnout — about fifteen people. We split into two groups and went in different directions. I had a great time chatting about family, photography and life.

The path was muddy and slippery with wet leaves. I got down low to take most of my photographs and I realized that I may want a macro lens.

The challenge now is that I can send only one photography — hopefully, my best – for the photo contest. Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments below.

Sourland Mountain, Scott Kelby Photo Walk
Web of Deceit
Sourland Mountain, Scott Kelby Photo Walk
Sourland Mountain, Scott Kelby Photo Walk
Leafy Green
Sourland Mountain, Scott Kelby Photo Walk
Legs go for a walk.
Sourland Mountain, Scott Kelby Photo Walk

September 24th, 2011 - Lux Nature

I love using natural light in my photography — a flash seems too harsh to me. This is why I was so excited to take Frank Veronsky's workshop on using natural lighting with minimal equipment. We started off in Frank's Carriage House studio. Frank taught the basic of lighting and let us play around with some of the lights in his studio. The models — Jenny, Nicole, and Caroline — were very accommodating.

Some of the more experienced photographers were comfortable directing the models but I had no idea what I was doing. I just tagged along.

January 29th, 2011 - Lighting techniques with Frank Veronsky

I spent my morning with a number of other photographers learning lighting techniques at Frank Veronsky's carriage house studio in Belle Meade. Frank spend two hours ( maybe more ) teaching us how to make the best of available light and the proper use of reflectors. Frank has been a photographer for over 24 years and is an excellent teacher.

One of the photographers brought his daughters with him. They were gracious and patient, posing for our eager cameras. This is the one I chose as the best of the set of 100 or so. You can see some of the others in my image gallery here.

Natural lighting from the window on subjects right side with reflected light from the white wall to the subject lefts. Hot light from above with most of the leaves closed to focus light onto a narrow strip on the subjects face.