Hibiscus at Blooms at Belle Mead

Bhavana and I stopped in at Blooms at Belle Mead yesterday. We were looking for a plant for flowers to take to a housewarming party. We spotted these beautiful bright yellow hibiscus flowers as we walked around the store and decided we wanted one. The yellow is so vibrant, and yellow happens to be our daughters favourite colour. Blooms have hibiscus in many other colours, including yellow with a red centre and a lovely orange. I'll be back to get a few more plants.

Sunday 11 August, 2013 | NIKON D5100 | Composer | 160 sec at f/8.0 | ISO 400

I captured both of these images with a Lensbaby Composer. One of the challenges with using a Lensbaby is that it has no electronics; the camera and lens are operated entirely manually. The Nikon has no information about the glass, so Adobe Lightroom has no information about the brand or focal length. So after I import my photos into Lightroom, I use an application called ExifChanger to add the lens information to the image files. From my web search, I think the Lensbaby may be a 50mm lens (75mm on a DX camera body).