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Isolation Photo Project, Day 52

Boredom is driving me to experiment with photography. At lunch today, I was inspired to photograph my food. I grilled Griggs Farm chicken burgers and poured myself a glass of ale.

Of course, I set everything up before the food was cooked and ready. I experimented with light from the kitchen window, moving the plate around on the kitchen table and experimented with composition. I'm sure Freddy Clark would find all the things I did wrong. For one thing, the plate is backlit. The kitchen table is up against the large kitchen window. There is another light off to the right of that. You can see my setup here.

The tripod is not the best. It's a MeFoto Q0 travel tripod. It's light and easy to carry if spending a day walking around Philadelphia or Manhattan. My other tripod, a Manfrotto, took a tumble a few months ago and bashed against some rocks and one of the legs broke. The ball head is undamaged. I'll buy a new tripod soon.

Besides the apparent poor lighting setup, what else did I do wrong? What could I have done to improve the capture using the equipment and the room I have available? Natural light and a reflector.

I spent some time today reading up on "bubble tents". A bubble tent a form of an inflatable tent that is in the shape of a bubble. You can put this type of tent anywhere. I like the version that has a hazmat shaped cylindrical entrance.

So why was I searching for bubble tent? The indoor dining area of the Brick Farm Tavern is still closed to customers. However, they have added a twist to their curbside pickup service. The Brick Farm Tavern property is spacious, attractive, with grass and a nearby pond. Today's weather was gorgeous. The Tavern set up picnic table 10+ feet apart to encourage social distancing and invited patrons to purchase a meal and sit at the picnic table to eat. What a brilliant idea!

And that got me thinking about going to Jersey shore but wonder how I would maintain a bubble of social distancing and ... you see where my mind went and how I ended up doing a Google search on bubble tents.

Bubble tents are expensive. My search led me down the rabbit hole of glamping, and I found a place in Colorado that rents bubble tents in camping sites. When this pandemic lockdown is over, I have to catch up on living.

Submitted as part of the 100DaysToOffload project.