I'm carpooling with local photographers Ed Velez and Prasanna. The meet up is at 3 PM, but we decided to have lunch at Hurry Chutney in Somerville. I also think it's an excellent opportunity to test out the photo journaling workflow I developed around Pressgram.


This was my first time eating at Hurry Chutney and my first time eating lamb Gungara. The vegetable samosas were delicious. Ed ordered some coconut curry dish, which he says was quite spicy.

man with camera, ken lockwood gorge
Prasanna and his kit.
man with tripod
Ed and his kit. It's cold!!! Too cold for spring.
man standing at edge of water, tripod, ken lockwood gorge
Ed getting shots of white water.

The sky was grey all day, and the greenery was ... not green. The gorge was still in winter mode. So we resorted to long exposure photography. I don't use a neutral density filter, so the best I could do was shoot at f/29 at ½ of a second. I'll post the images from my Nikon in a few days.

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