Perhaps it’s good enough

Thoughts on Chris Hughes’ call to break up Facebook by Nitin Khanna (Nitin Khanna)

I took my own sweet time to read this story, collecting some of my ideas and publishing them here. I’ve already had a lot of online and offline conversations around the topic, but posting these thoughts here for posterity and discussion makes sense to me.

Nitin, I enjoyed the article. I can see that you put careful thought into his writing.

I would have liked for you to expound on this one point.

Just recently an Instagram replacement was kickstarted. It took a long while to get it to the bare minimum it needed to fund successfully.

I think you were referring to Bokeh, which has 229 backers and barely raised the minimum funds required. Why, if we (a collective we) believe that the multitudes are looking for an alternative, was it so hard to raise money?

In contrast, the Peak Design travel tripod Kickstarter has 14,493 backers and raised ten times their funding. Presumably, a travel tripod for helping photographers create images is more important to more people than an alternative social media platform for sharing those images.