F1 and immature drivers

https://racer.com/2018/11/06/when-did-formula-1-become-a-development-series-johansson/ by RACER Staff (racer.com)

“I always thought the whole point of F1 was that you hire the best drivers in the world. How the hell do you know if a guy who’s 20 years old and has very little experience is going to be good enough? Fast enough, yes, but getting the job done on Sunday afternoon, no-one knows at that stage of their career until they’re thrown in the deep end.

I think Stefan has a point but his protest will fall on deaf ears. I expect that F1 teams will start fielding drivers whos only experience with a race car is from in front of a video game console.

Lewis and Valtteri and the Russian Grand Prix

Bottas hands Hamilton Russian GP win and 50-point lead by Keith Collantine (RaceFans)

Lewis Hamilton moved closer to clinching a fifth world championship victory after team mate Valtteri Bottas helped him to victory in the Russian Grand Prix.


The Mercedes driver briefly look in danger of losing ground to Sebastian Vettel the championship after he emerged from his sole pit stop behind the Ferrari driver. But Hamilton went on the attack quickly, dived down the inside of Vettel at turn four, and regained his lost place.


A few laps later Valtteri Bottas, who led the early stages of the race from pole position, let Hamilton by at turn 13. That put Hamilton on course to lead the race – but not until Max Verstappen had pitted.

Personally, I think Lewis should have given the position back to Valtteri. It would have made his championship run more challenging but isn’t this why they get paid the big bucks? I can’t help feeling like Valtteri was gypted.

The tech war fuelling the Mercedes/Ferrari battle

The tech war fuelling the Mercedes/Ferrari battle (motorsport.com)

There has been little to separate Mercedes and Ferrari as each has seized the initiative at various points of the campaign, with neither able to pull itself clear at the front.

It's exciting to see how evenly matched these teams area even though it means less well-funded teams linger in the rearview mirror.