Two Questions

Maid of the Mist

Today we’d love to ask you two questions.

The first one is for fun. The second one is more serious.

First: if you could have any skill or knowledge, what would it be?

Anything goes here, as long as it’s humanly possible. No superpowers. If you think x-ray vision might be humanly possible, that’s fine, but please explain why in your answer.

There is an inquisitive thing inside me that yearns to understand everything about everything. It wants so see and do and experience everything. To follow it's curiosity where ever it leads and to spread a hunger for the same.

Next: what specific skills or knowledge are you working to gain right now?

List up to three if you’re working on multiple things at once.

Right now I am working on regaining lost knowledge. I set my technology inquisition aside a few years ago and I want to restart my journey. I am currently enrolled in an intense pen testing course that I am hoping will force me to regain what I had lost and prepare for further adventures. The reward for completing this training is that I can become an Offensive Security Certified Professional.

I am learning in other areas as well. I have had some setbacks but I am well on my way to completing my journey in The Arcanum. The goal is to raise my level of mastery with my photography, to be expert enough to produce art that can be framed and sold.

Then, here’s a follow-up question (and something for you to ponder):

If your answers to question #1 and #2 are the same, congrats on “walking the walk.” Do you think your sights are set high enough?

If your answers are different, why aren’t you working towards what you answered in question #1?

Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to hear your answers.

Also, if you answer the questions, please share this post with a friend or on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to get as many answers to this question as possible with your help.

Corbett Bar

I think my answers are in alignment. Do you?