GDPR : Devil in the Details

Ugh! My head hurts thinking through all the technical problems created by this piece of legislation that was most likely created by lawyers and bureaucrats without an understanding of technology or process. I can't even get a straight answer as to whether my simple blog needs to be compliant nor can I afford to pay a lawyer to answer that question. And even if I needed to be compliant, I am certain it would have a financial impact on my ability to operate this website.

You're a photographer in an E.U. member country. You snap a photo of someone or group of people in public or at an event. You get signed content to use the image for news reporting or your website. The image is published in a newspaper/magazine/website. One of the people in the image later object to its use and wants the image removed. What do the photographer and publisher do? How do you recall and destroy all copies of the newspaper or magazine? How do you ensure that the online image has not been downloaded and copied elsewhere by people /entities you have no control over?