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My ban on EU website traffic has been lifted.

Geography of the visitors to Island in the Net.

Due to concerns about my legal responsibilities around compliance the European Union General Data Protection Regulations, I configured my Wordfence web application firewall (WAF) to block all traffic origination in EU member countries. While some people think this was an extreme move, a lack of clarity around what is expected of small website operators and…

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I blocked all EU traffic to my website

Privacy by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (David Shanske)

I admit to a certain amount of frustration on the subject of privacy lately. It seems, in all aspects of my life, both personal and professional, the new data privacy regulations that the EU rolls out May 25th are a theme in every discussion.

Until I understand the legal implications (ethics are subjective so I do not really care about that) of the GDPR on my website I have implemented firewall rules on my web server that block all traffic originating in the EU. Some may think my actions are extreme. Perhaps they are. But since the regulations treat…

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