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I love the smell of coffee in the morning

A cortado is an espresso drink that’s somewhere between a macchiato and a cappuccino. It’s about half express and half milk which makes it strong but small and easy to drink quickly. The barista’s at Rojo’s Roastery serve this drink in a small shot glass. The glass loses heat quickly so I have to drank quickly. With the exception of the espresso itself and the Americano I think I’ve had every espresso drink on the menu. I’ve had the cappuccino, the machiatto, the latte, and the cortado. I don’t think I have a favorite yet but I’m leaning toward the machiatto.

[exif id="24616"] I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I made this pot just a few minutes ago. Ground the beans myself. I can't image my morning routine without coffee. So the weather outside has been quite shitty. You know I have an intense dislike1 of winter. It's so cold, and dark, and…

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